JABS. Jordana’s Alliance for Bus Safety.

Bus drivers work tirelessly to keep our children safe. But they can’t do it alone. They need YOU to learn and obey simple traffic laws.

When a school bus has it’s lights flashing. STOP.

Did you know that by law, drivers going either direction must stop at least 30 feet from a stopped school bus that has its red lights flashing?

On November 12, 2019, six year old Jordana Hubble was hit by a vehicle that failed to stop when she got of a school bus. The driver of the vehicle ignored the bus’ red lights and stop sign arm. Jordana suffered traumatic brain injury and slipped into a coma. She has since emerged from her coma, but her family is still picking up the pieces and all of their lives are forever changed.

The JABS (Jordana’s Alliance for Bus Safety) works to purchase longer bus stop arms and raise awareness to prevent such accidents.

When feet hit the street it is now a life-threatening step. Crosswalks are no longer safe. Road workers and law-enforcement run the risk of fatal injury daily, distracted driving is on the rise and traffic numbers likewise.

As we need to pick the fights we can win, we have chosen to try to take up the battle for Jordana Hubble, the first words out of the lady who struck her were “I didn’t know I had to stop.” To this I can only answer, we need to make it clear that YES, you have to stop! We have embarked on a journey to prevent this sort of tragedy in the future.


Stay Focused

When you are behind the wheel your only job is to DRIVE. That means 100% attention on the road.  Do not text or let anything distract your attention!


Know the Law

Please drive safely around buses! Our children deserve a safe trip to and from school!

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Share the Love

We have many unsung heroes in our communities that are quietly making safety on the roadways and school buses center stage. Thank you to: highway patrol, police, legislators, school teachers, transportation directors, and shop keepers.


Keep It Up

Never stop your personal journey to be educated and educate others about safety on the road. Do it for you and your community.





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