Gone But Not Forgotten

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As you may have heard, we experienced a tragedy today that nobody should ever have to experience. Two of our wrecker drivers, whom we dub “rescuers”, went on a two-truck call to respond to a breakdown incident on I-90. They were able to safely load one vehicle, but while loading the storage unit that it was towing, our two drivers were senselessly struck and killed by an oncoming vehicle who chose not to heed to our warning signs, emergency responder flashers, and general weather conditions. Accidents happen. If they didn’t, we wouldn’t have a business. But the nature of this accident will haunt the families, the coworkers who tried their best to protect them, and all of the loved ones and friends of these two very young men, for the rest of all of our lives.

They were dedicated workers, and they were passionate about their families and hobbies. One was a husband and father of five who loved motorcycles and his huge family/ six trillion brothers. And beards. And hoodies. The other was a sweet little soft-spoken guy who was in love with the great outdoors and could have had another 60 years of fishing, bow hunting, and shooting ahead of him.

To their families and friends: Our hearts are with you, and we will always cherish and honor the memory of the rescuers who literally lost their lives helping others. To our employees: We have lost our friends, people most of us see almost every single day, and we are here for you. To everyone else: We implore you, PLEASE, please, drive carefully and safely on snowy and icy roads. Don’t try to save two minutes of time by driving faster, don’t pass big trucks in unsafe conditions, and please ALWAYS note hazard signs, emergency flares, lightboard signals from emergency response trucks, speed recommendations, ANYTHING. Because it’s not just for your safety- it’s for ours, too. This never should have happened.

We will be posting memorial and fundraising information for these two heroes, who lost their lives being rescuers, soon. Gone only now, but never, ever forgotten.

The over use of flashing Yellow lights has lead to the chronic disregard by the driving public. We need to Rethink the use of warning lights and re-establish that the flashing yellows mean “Slow. Proceed with caution, Be prepared to stop!”

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